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Blood Of The Enemy by wolfiekins R
Voldemort has been reborn, but there is a side-effect to the Blood Ritual he hadn't counted on.
Blessed Curse by Dream Pet NC-17
For the most part, it's cool to be a werewolf. But when your boyfriend's one too, and he can't seem to get enough hot, young flesh, the honeymoon's definitely over.
Wolfie's Drabbles by wolfiekins NC-17
Here are most of my Harry Potter drabbles, plus a stray ST: Voyager drabble. Some are 100 words while others are 200 words. Various pairings and ratings.
That Which Survives by wolfiekins NC-17
Death is not the end, as some things refuse to be extinguished.
Stormfront by wolfiekins R
The summer after sixth year is rough for Ron but even more so for Harry, who's spending time at the Burrow.
Three Wizards In Search Of An Exit by wolfiekins NC-17
Lucius returns to the Manor late one evening to find Harry entertaining a most unwelcome guest. Unwelcome at first, that is. Post Hogwarts/War.
Ginger and Jade: The Sorting by wolfiekins PG-13
Arthur and Molly are a bit out of sorts after having a rather difficult time sending Ron off to his first year at Hogwarts. A glimpse into a slightly alternate reality where Ron Weasley ISN'T sorted into...

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Young Adult Friction ~or~ Any Portkey In A Storm by wolfiekins (NC-17)
Harry finds that he's increasingly horny whilst Ron's off participating in an annual Quidditch Tour of the Near East and Oceana.
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