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Things Meant To Be Said by wolfiekins NC-17
Ron is having a rough go of it. He's angry with Harry, there's this thing with Charlie, and now Seamus. What's a young redhead to do? Sequel to BY DEFINITION.
By Definition by wolfiekins R
On the eve of the First Task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Ron's having a rough time of it, and he turns to the only person he can trust for help...Charlie.
Strange Bedfellows by wolfiekins R
Harry asks Severus for help when an 'old friend' falls ill.
Open Door Policy by wolfiekins R
On the morning of the Quidditch World Cup, Ron & Harry find that they cannot get out of bed soon enough.
In The Pale Moonlight by wolfiekins NC-17
David learns of Jack's choice, while refusing to make one of his own.AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, David/Jack slash.
Out Of Ideas by Marvelous R
X-MEN SLASH: WOLVERINE/BEAST (Beast not in blue form)Hank and Logan have been at the mansion alone for four days. After running out of things to do, they turn to their more primal instincts for some...
School Days by AlexiaDuLacshell NC-17
Jacob and Paul spend some "alone" time in Saturday Detention...

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WOLF MOON CHALLENGE: Twilight/New Moon by lena3 (PG-13)
Jacob is a werewolf. Edward is a vampire. They both love Bella, but full moons turn the most hated enemies into something more.
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