1) You MUST be a member to archive your work at Wolf Moon. Also, You must be 17 or older to become a member and submit stories.

2) It is strongly suggested that you have your work read by a beta reader before submitting it to Wolf Moon. If you cannot find a beta reader, or are unsure how to secure one's services, submit your work with a note to that effect. We'll do what we can to hook you up!

3) We would like to maintain a high standard for the work we publish here. Submitted works should adhere to accepted grammar, spelling, and punctuation guidelines. Fanfic must further defer to the appropriate canon capitalization and spellings. Admin reserves the right to make minor corrections to spelling, punctuation, etc, as needed.

4) Wolf Moon is relatively broad minded with respect to content that is allowed on the site. Submissions that contain Sadomasochism, Scat, Watersports, Snuff, or Bloodplay ('cept for VampSex) will not be accepted. Beastiality is acceptable, as long as the animal is sentient, or is a human in animal form. Chan is allowed for characters 14 or older. The point to consider here is this: Consent. This element is vital if your fic includes Beast or Chan.

5) Submissions must contain a Summary and chapter titles. Author's Notes are allowed, but must be brief and on-topic. A/N's are not allowed within the body of the fic. Image uploads are not permitted within stories. Submissions must also contain the appropriate genres, warnings, and ratings. If you are unsure about ratings, see below.

6) Problems that may result in your submission being returned to you include major plot/continuity errors, repeated spelling/grammar errors, repeated canon mistakes, flagrant GaryStu/Mary Sues, formatting problems, or any combination of the above.

7) You may upload an image for display on your Author's Page. Your image cannot be larger than 200x200 pixels.

8) Please do not submit more than one story/chapter at a time. Once your submission is posted, you may submit another. If you don not hear from us or see your story posted, by all means email us. Sometimes the admins can get a bit flustered...

9) If you read an author's work, REVIEW IT! Author's crave feedback, and it's a necessary element to the entire process. Two words are all you need to get started: 'Liked it!' If you've read the entire fic, that means it held your interest. If you would like to point out an error or make a suggestion, by all means do so, Con-crit is also vital, but must be done in a civil, respectful manner. Flames will not be tolerated.

10) If you have beta experience and would like to assist other authors, please let us know!

11) All submissions, except for works of original fiction, must have a disclaimer at the start of each chapter. This is a must. Submissions without disclaimers will be returned.

12) RPS (Real Person Slash) is allowed. Any RPS fics submitted MUST include a disclaimer indicating that the events depicted in the stroy are fictional and in no way an accurate description of persons depicted. Admin reserves the right to review any RPS submissions and reject them on a case by case basis.

13) All members should check the box in their profile confirming that they are indeed of age to view sexually explicit material. If the Admins find that a member has not complied with this requirment, Admin will email the member reminding them to do so. If the member fails to comply, the account will be banished.

G - A fic with this rating will contain nothing in theme, language, sexual activity, or violence which would be considered objectionable by the vast majority of readers.

PG - A fic with basically non-adult themes, but may contain mild violence, mild adult language, and hints of adult situations.

PG-13 - A fic with some mild adult themes, violence, mild language, and implied adult situations.

R - This fic may include adult themes, hard language, violence, sexual situatioins of a non-graphic nature, drug abuse or other elements, or any combination of the above.

NC-17 - A fic that contains adult themes, adult language, graphic violence, graphic sexual situations, other similar elements, or any combination of the above. These stories are for adults over 17 only.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Slashing!